Monday, October 19, 2009

Clean Tech Courses Offer Unusual Opportunity to Local Professionals

I have been volunteering with the Clean Tech Advisory Group sponsored by Worksystems, Inc. and the Oregon Training Network. In order to empower professionals who live or work in Multnomah or Washington counties, we have designed a series of world-class local courses at bargain prices thanks to federal subsidies. The theme is sustainability: best practices for improving the financial, social and environmental results of your organization.   Explore the courses that interest you, and be sure to sign up right away!

Integrating Sustainability Into Your Business Practices  November 18-19.  Learn how and why organizations embrace sustainability, and how it benefits them.  Develop a sustainability plan for an aspect of your own organization.  This course is led by business consultant Phil Berry who, as director of footwear sustainability at Nike, was one of the leaders that built the best corporate environmental program in the United States" according to Business Ethics Magazine (2006).  Register Now

Managing Virtual Teams December 1-2.  Learn how to establish, lead and manage teams that cannot regularly work face-to-face.  Develop plans for improving your organization's virtual work environment. Instructor Mark Molau has held senior management positions at Hewlett-Packard, Price Waterhouse and Microsoft, and has  developed and led a variety of multinational organizations and strategies.  Register Now

Taking Advantage Of Externally Hosted Platforms And Applications  December 7-8.   Learn to evaluate IT solution hosting options from dedicated hardware to cloud computing and optimize your organization's hosting investment.  Among their myriad IT leadership experiences, instructors Manoj Garg and Jackie Baretta are former CIOs of WebEx Communications and Con-way respectively.   Register Now

Understanding Energy Management and Measurement for Your Company  December 14-15.    Learn how to measure and reduce your organization's energy consumption.   By the end of this course, you will develop an opportunity to enhance one of your organization's product or services by reducing energy consumption.    Instructor Phil Berry was chosen by Vice President Al Gore as one of 1,000 people trained to deliver his climate change presentation.  Register Now

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